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HitsLog is a free Web site statistics service. HitsLog provides detailed information about your site's visitors. Our service is easy to implement: all you need to do is sign up and then copy and paste a small snippet of HTML coding on your pages. As a result, a free hit counter will be created on your page. Your web counter can be invisible or (if you wish) it can display as an 88x31-pixel button. To obtain detailed statistics you can visit stats page or subscribe to stats by email. If you are the owner of several sites and wish to receive statistics for each of them, there is no need to register each site separately. You should place once generated HTML-code on some pages. That is it! Information for each site/page will be provided separately.

In addition to free site counter we offer SEO Tools. Using HitsLog SEO Tools you can track search engines positions, backlinks, PageRank of any web pages and compare your site with competitors sites.

We also feature a Directory of the most popular information resources registered with the HitsLog site. To participate in this directory, you need to provide only brief descriptions of your pages and select appropriate categories for them. Register in HitsLog Directory and receive direct link to your site.

Unlike the majority of hit counters, web trackers and other web statistics services, HitsLog free hit counter offers Facebook tracker and counter for other spaces allow HTML code only.

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